World of Warcraft Pre-Patch Balance Difficulties, Some Bosses Are An Actual Pain

Almost every World of Warcraft fan is on his feet trying out the new pre-patch, getting used to the lower numbers and stat nerf. Each class had its tweaks, for which now players started to assert that the difficulty level after the pre-patch is a bit rough. The latest Antorus Raid on Heroic difficulty was supposed to be a “piece of cake” content, but for some reason, after the pre-patch deployed we have managed to wipe multiple times on a couple of the first bosses.

As we have already stated, the multiple wipes have managed to lead towards frustration, which further directed to a group disband. After the first experience of a couple of wipes, we have managed to find the same among the top streamers on Twitch. They have also managed to wipe multiple times on some of the “easier” bosses.

We suppose this has something to do with the current rotations being broken. Players need to get used to them and get along with the damage meter because all of the artifact power and abilities are now gone. However, the biggest problem comes from the healers and their healing abilities, which without the artifact power are simply weak.

The main point is that this pre-patch should’ve made the already existing content a bit easier to encounter than just a tight hard rock to beat. However, we’ll hopefully get the chance to elaborate on this and find undiscovered answers from Blizzard on why the pre-patch actually brought more toxicity than a relief and farewell to Legion.

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