Anthem Will Probably Be a Very Successful Title, New Info is Revealed

Even though Anthem is scheduled for 2019, the discoveries regarding the game sound quite satisfying. Every single gameplay feature discovered over this period seems to have charmed the fans that love this sort of genres. Not every MMORPG has fulfilled¬†its duties towards their player base, but everything learned so far regarding BioWare’s Anthem shows dominant signs.

Well, we may have previously discovered the purpose of the Javelins and its power, the teamwork needed, the style of gameplay and a different approach on each encounter. However, there have been new discoveries regarding the game/gameplay, which surely proves that the developers are working hard on developing the best possible MMORPG scenario than what we ever experienced before.

Games such as Destiny 2, The Division, and very soon, Anthem, is what we love to see more of them being developed in the future, especially since the genre fallen behind the most popular nowadays, and that is the Battle Royale.

Well, thanks to Mark Darrah and Jonathan Warner, new data has been revealed regarding the game, which has been published on Reddit. You can find all of the notes down below:

  • Progression for Early Access gameplay will be saved, progression within the demo release will not. Mark stated they want flexibility to be able to adjust if needed.
  • Confirmed there will be storytelling at PAX West.
  • After some counting Mark reiterated loot tiers: white=common, green=uncommon, maybe blue?=rare, purple=epic, gold=legendary, unknown=masterworks; 6 total.
  • There is an earned currency that can be used to purchase cosmetics within the game. Play hard, and you can earn them without ponying up real money.
  • Paint styles for cosmetics will be unlimited. So don’t worry about putting the wrong color on, you can change it.
  • There is a lot of variety when it comes to painting styles and textures. Some are unlocked at the beginning of the game, others you’ll have to work for.
  • The sex of your Freelancer can be chosen when you customize them at the beginning of the game.
  • The Storm is the only one with the Superman cape.
  • There is no forced requirement that everyone in the instance, or team, has to be a different javelin. You can all be Rangers on the squad if you’d like.
  • You will get access to prelaunch demos if you pre-order:
    • Anthem launches Feb. 22nd
    • EA Access (Xbox) and Origin Access (PC) gives a 10 hour free trial on Feb. 15th
    • Origin Access Premiere (PC) gives you full access on Feb. 15th
    • This will also be stated on the video dropping tomorrow. More info on the demo coming soon.
  • Mark is watching what Jon says; he’s not allowed to talk about the secrets of the Storm or Interceptor. (Mark is currently watching Jon)
  • There is a freelancer perk that increases the pickup radius.
  • Raids are a bug spray that Jon uses?? Idk ask Jon about his pest control strategies.
  • Cosmetic items are completely separate from how powerful you are, so they don’t influence your gear’s stats, just how cool you look.
  • Some weapons can be shared across Javelins, some gear and weapons are specific to that Javelin.
  • Still TBD on how many types of Titans will be in the game. We know of the Ash Titan. An educated guess would be ice, fire, electricity, and acid, but that’s speculation.
  • No weapon skins & attachments planned at launch.
  • There will be a way to store our loot and gear we collect.
  • Possible companion app in the works. Jon stated more on that later.
  • In free roam you’ll be able to fly anywhere, but it’s not wise to early in the game.
  • The Storm Javelin cannot tap into the Anthem of Creation. The Anthem is too powerful and willful.
  • You don’t do any damage flying into your enemies kamikaze style, but there is an air melee.
  • Again, no other editions of the game are planned.

Currently, Anthem’s is slated for release on PC, Xbox One and PS4 on February 22.

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