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Arma 3 Encore Update is Live, Adds New Destroyer Ship, SAM Systems and more

The Sandbox Military Sim is striking yet again. After the Tanks DLC, the Encore Update is now live. The Encore Update includes a free content to Arma 3. Even if we, the hardcore fans of Arma 3 would love to instead read more about Bohemia’s new Mil-Sim and potential Arma 4, we’ll have to wait a bit more and satisfy our needs with these updates.

As a celebration of the new update, Bohemia has also released a teaser trailer for the latest Encore Update.

Furthermore, this free update also brings new assets that are created by a third-party developer BRAVO ZERO ONE Studios as a celebration of the first Anniversary of ARMA 3 Jets DLC. Among the other changes, there has also been an optimization to preserve the playability of the old content.

The Encore Update also brings:

  • Added: USS Liberty (Destroyer)*
  • Added: MK45 Hammer Naval Gun*
  • Added: MK41 VLS (Missile System)*
  • Added: Venator Cruise Missile*
  • Added: Boat Rack*
  • Added: Briefing Room Screen*
  • Added: Briefing Room Desk*
  • Added: R-750 Cronus Radar*
  • Added: AN/MPQ-105 Radar*
  • Added: S-750 Rhea SAM System*
  • Added: MIM-145 Defender SAM System*
  • Added: AGM-88C HARM Anti-Radiation Missile*
  • Added: KH58 Anti-Radiation Missile*
  • Added: Small Diameter Bomb (SDB)*

As we said, JETS DLC owners will have their benefits of receiving some camos and more. For a more thorough overview over the patch notes, make sure you visit Arma 3’s official website.

One of the essential changes players have not been aware of is the performance drop caused by the direct speak channel. Even if we know that Arma 3 is meant to be played at 30 fps :), this will hopefully secure at least a little positive vibe.

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