Pokemon Go Community Day August Shiny Eevee Confirmed, Eeveelutions will know Last Resort Move

The eight in a row Community Day in Pokemon Go is right around the corner, and this time players around the world will have two days, August 11 and August 12, to catch the Special Pokemon Eevee, its shiny forms, earn 3x Catch Stardust and Lure Modules will last for 3-hours.

During the back-to-back Community Day event, Eevee’s spawn rate will be increased and as now confirmed by the Pokemon Company here, we will have a chance to catch shiny Eevee for the first time.

Update 08/08/18: Shiny Eeveelutions are now added to the game. You can find them here.

Here are all shiny Eeveelutions:

What about the Special move?

Eevee’s special move, Last Resort, was confirmed as the exclusive move and it has now been confirmed that both Eevee and its evolutions will know this move.

Last Resort stats:

  • Power – 90
  • Duration – 2.9s
  • DPS – 31.0345
  • Energy Delta – 2 bars
  • Damage Start Window – 2700 ms

The team at FGR received an unofficial email saying:

Eevee Community Day will introduce a new pair of Eeveelutions, Leafon and Glaceon. This will mark the release of the new Gen 4 Pokemon to Pokemon Go.  August 11 will bring the Grass Type evolution of Eevee – Leafon. August 12 will bring the Ice Type evolution of Eevee – Glaceon.”

This got me thinking – Could it be true, why else would they make a two-day event?

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  1. You received unofficial email from whom? Niantic doesn’t send out such letters. And if they were to leak anything, they wouldn’t do it to a random site like this.

  2. 111.4 was released yesterday and the code breakers went through the whole build, 0 gen 4 updates, and nothing was in it at all.

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