Black Ops 4 Beta Doesn’t Feel Satisfying To All The Fans

After its first Beta launch during this weekend, Call of Duty Black Ops 4 performance seems to be quite underwhelming. It’s one of the reasons players lost their hype, and they’re struggling to find a good portion of successful moments as the performance seems unfitting.

According to many PS4 players and their chance to taste the first steps of Treyarch’s Black Ops 4, the performance is struggling even though it should be more enjoyable on the console than anywhere else. Therefore, Treyarch needs to step up their game and do whatever they can to twist this opinion around.

Judging throughout the past years, it’s not the first one players throwing criticism. Its predecessors have dealt with the same issue, but not on the same level. Hopefully, this will change throughout the next weekend. The Xbox One and PC Black Ops 4 Beta is coming to life. Now that the PS4 players have confirmed the struggles, it remains to be seen what is going to happen then.

There is not a single room to compare since Black Ops 4 is mainly intended to include a whole new and unseen content, with larger maps never seen before. However, this current build on the PS4 had some issues for which players’ feedback turned out to be nothing else but a broken assault. The loading times were quite extensive, and there will most likely be unpleasant reaction than anything else.

Besides the Blackout mode, which currently belongs in the most popular genre nowadays, it seems like Black Ops 4 doesn’t offer that much. But, we’ll let the other players judge, just because it’s a bit early to call out the final judgment.

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