Capcom to Fix Monster Hunter: World PC Crash Issues Soon

Capcom has found out the reason that was causing multiple crashes in Monster Hunter: World. Players have been frustrated because of the constant upset of not being able to play the game. However, a fix is in the works that should address this issue very soon.

Capcom has informed IGN that a Fix is in the works. Namely, for a PC port is quite usual to see a couple of mistakes being transferred. However, the developer is aware of and knows the current problems.

Capcom has informed IGN that a patch to combat Monster Hunter World’s pre-release issue with crashes has now been deployed. This should now represent the release version of the game. In the short time since the patch’s release, we’ve suffered no crashes, but we will update this story as we play more.

The exact release time of the patch is still unknown. The main reason for this is probably the CPU because it’s bottlenecking whenever someone plays Monster Hunter: World on their PC. Always, it doesn’t mean that it’s the right cause for this issue, but it is preferably a safe guess more than anything else. Most likely, the piece of code that causes high demands may be the reason for the multiple crashes.

Monster Hunter World is still an excellent game to enjoy playing with friends or solo. The fact that it preserved the same graphics as on PS4 is quite fascinating.

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