Capcom’s Resident Evil 2 Will Happen No Matter What

One of the most recent announcements by Capcom, the remaking of the Resident Evil 2, it is considered to be created no matter what obstacle appears on the way. Thus, the look of it will potentially give Capcom a reason to remake other games as well. However, Capcom’s primary purpose is to see the reaction of the feedback after releasing Resident Evil 2 Remake.

In a recent interview with, the director Kazunori Kadoi has stated the following:

We want to get this one out the door and see how it goes first. We’ve got a lot of fans who ask for their favorite games, but we’re not going to commit to anything right now. We’d like to keep our possibilities open for the future and see what makes the most sense when we come to it. We don’t want to feed just nostalgia. We want to bring [out] how people felt about the original games and if we can, reimagine it in a way so that it bridges the generation gap between people who played it 20 years ago and newcomers.

Therefore, the statement of finding out the gap between various generation indicates that Capcom’s Resident Evil 2 will release, no matter the consequences, as it will allow the developers to determine their future aims.

Currently, Capcom’s Resident Evil 2 Remake is scheduled to release on Xbox One, PS4 and PC on January 25, 2015. There’s the fact that Capcom favorites their creation, and it is possible to see yet another remake of the same title in the future after many generations have passed by. Not only that it will be beneficial for the Company, but it will also replenish the feeling to newcomers by reliving the Resident Evil 2 lore, allowing them to taste their predecessor’s era.

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