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Dota 2 The International 2018 Upper Bracket Semifinals Are Played Today

So far, The International 2018 hasn’t brought a significant amount of surprises and upsets as in the previous ones. The current spectrum of teams in the upper bracket has deserved their place without any more substantial defeat. Today, all of the Dota 2 fans across the world will have the chance to observe the upper bracket seminals of The International 2018.

Those who have fallen early still have a chance for redemption, as they are battling they way to the Grand Final in the lower bracket. Currently, the upper bracket and semifinalists are as follows:

  • Liquid vs. PSG.LGD
  • OG vs. EG

As we have mentioned, there hasn’t been any upset nor surprises, even though teams such as Secret and Virtus Pro have managed to fail and go in the lower bracket. If we look behind in previous International events, we can notice a couple of teams, although they have been unable to progress in the early upper bracket phase, have still managed to get in the grand finals.

Today’s matches are considered to be one of the most exciting to watch. Being among fans’ favorites, OG, EG, PSG.LGD and Liquid will measure their strength today. Will Liquid be the first team to step up in the Upper Bracket Final? We certainly do not know but according¬†to their recent form, it is quite possible.

The International 2018 is more than annual Dota 2 event, including the biggest prize pool as a reward, various of sideshows and fantastic commentary.



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