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Fortnite 5.21 is now Available, Adds Heavy Sniper and new LTM, Soaring 50’s

With update size of around 520MB, Epic Games has deployed the new patch 5.20 adding the Heavy Sniper Rifle and new Limited Time Mode, Soaring 50’s. The long-awaited Heavy Sniper is here to bring a new meta, and 50v50 will no longer be tedious because of the self-eliminations.

The new LTM mode is a rework of 50v50, without a chance of dying by fall damage. Players will have the chance to deploy their glider as soon as they jump off a height, which also makes the game more dynamic and faster. This will most likely reduce server overload as well.

The Heavy Sniper combines with Clingers. The clingers deal damage through walls when the wall is destroyed. Therefore, this Heavy Sniper will serve a good job when used in combination with Clingers. The more clingers, the better, so be careful if you’re going against this kind of weapon combo. Is this the new meta? We certainly believe so.

By watching scrims and tournaments we can easily determine that Splodes bring new kind of meta. Thanks to the new Heavy Sniper, this will be even more interesting to watch when used in combination with explodes. To see all of the patch notes of 5.21, you can visit Fortnite’s official website or click here.



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