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Fortnite Week 5 Follow The Treasure Map Found in Snobby Shores Location

Just as in the previous four weeks, the fifth week of Season 5 includes the “Follow the treasure map” challenge.  The challenge is now guiding us towards Snobby Shores. Not exactly in that particular grid, but instead in the graveyard close to it, Haunter Hills. The hidden battle star location will grant you 10 Battle Stars, and all you need to do to obtain them is to find it. Let’s begin. Just as a further reference, the map grid location of the star is B2.

First of all, the quest can be done in 50v50 so as in the normal BR game mode. With that being said, it’s better for you to startup with 50v50 because of the explosives challenge too. However, we’re here to speak about Follow The Treasure map. Below you can find a map image of the location:

That is just the beginning, as we’re here to simplify this even further. Below, there’s an aerial image of the exact house in Haunter Hills. On the top of it, there is the hidden star from that challenge.

Now, let’s swap to ground view for further clarification and pinpoint of the location.

And finally…

Good luck on your Fortnite Journey. Do not forget to stay tuned!



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