Latest NVIDIA’s Gamescom Video Teases RTX 2080, It’s not 1180 Obviously

Nvidia has revealed its plans to host a special GeForce event with a right amount of surprises. The event will be held on August 20, just before Gamescom starts. Considering the latest teaser as an indicator, we can conclude that the next Nvidia will be a GeForce RTX 2080.

First and foremost, people were predicting 1180. But, as presented at SIGGRAPH, where all the graphics professionals take place, Nvidia has shown that the next-gen GPU with ray-tracing capabilities is the RTX 2080.

However, this video holds knowledge that more discoveries will surface on August 20th, and that is the kick-off date of this year’s Gamescom. Gamescom 2018 will be our next event to escort. What’s most intriguing is the number of the GPU consisting of a whole new decade in its first two numbers.

Nowadays, lots of developers, producers, and future projects leave us hints to decrypt. Coincidental or not, the video is below. Do not forget to tell us if you have found something unusual.

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