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Monster Hunter: World

Monster Hunter: World PC Port hits a Roadblock, Gets Removed from WeGame

Even after some period past upon release, Monster Hunter’s PC Port has continued receiving such rough feedback. Tencent has decided to pull Monster Hunter: World out of its WeGame platform, for which it confirms it’s the worst PC Game release by Capcom so far.

If you remember firmly, before some time, we have mentioned the multiple crashes and the scheduled fix for it. However, it appears like it didn’t happen, as various of players have managed to hit more problems than just one, which caused the game to lose a lot of the positive feedback and get a removal from WeGame.

The removal by Tencent’s WeGame has been justified by Capcom’s lack of policy requirements, for which WeGame stated it did not fully comply with their policy requirements. Well, evil or not, Monster Hunter: World was not even meant to be on the PC. The game suffers from serious issues, both server and client side, which does not give any room for further explanation. It’s another fact that Monster Hunter: World has lost its positive feedback on Steam, and is most likely heading towards Negative.

So, having that in mind, Capcom’s redemption of having more time to port the game to the PC does not seem to fit. Even after a long period and time to develop various of fixes, the game still suffers from the same issues, and believe it or not; it’s getting even worse.

There’s nothing unusual in the WeGame removal, as people were finding and conducting quite a lousy behavior in Capcom’s Monster Hunter: World PC.



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