Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Series on Shelf Everywhere From September 20

Computer Graphics has been reinvented! Nvidia has just announced the arrival of the 2080 series, and boy-o-boy will you be excited! Besides the arrival of the new GPU, the green team has discovered the fantastic Ray Tracing technology they have been working on the past ten years.

The biggest surprise came upon the announcement of its pre-order being open starting today, while the rest of the world will have to wait for its shipment to spread across the globe, which will most likely be available everywhere at September 20.

As the CEO of Nvidia, Jensen Huang noted, the RTX family rumbles the most significant generational leap in the history of graphics. You can take a look at how much precisely at the image below:

Having more than twice the power of the GTX 1080, the RTX family will offer something different when it comes to video games. The hunger for realism and reflections in video games has just been satisfied thanks to the hardware that we’ll soon have on our hands.

Nvidia has set quite a reasonable price, while many others believed that the new RTX series will be at least double the price than the GTX 1080. Putting the starting price at $499 surely makes a difference, allowing everyone to get his hand on the brand new RTX 2080 series. Having the new RTX technology available, it is expected to change the gaming in a way never seen before. It is time to get those juicy reflections and gameplay subterfuges at a stance.

During this presentation, we had the chance to witness some of the best video games that require high GPU resources performing quite well, and if you missed watching the whole show, you could take a look at it below:
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