Pokemon Go Players Spent an Average $2.5 Million Per Day in the Game since June 19 Update

Pokemon Go has been launched for more than two years and a lot has changed over the past months. Some players met new friends, some lost weight, some improved their social skills and mental health, but spending real money to buy in-game items is the one true thing most of us have in common.

It has remained one of the most popular apps among the mobile players, and Sensor Tower reports that because of the long-awaited Trading update, Pokemon Go saw a bigger number of players.

The big update that came this June, allowed players to trade Pokemon with friends that are nearby. This feature took nearly two years to put it in the game because they wanted to make sure everything was done right.

According to SensorTower and their Store Intelligence, “Our data shows that, in the 60 days leading up to the trading update, Pokemon Go was generating approximately $1.8 million in daily gross revenue on average, worldwide, on the App Store and Google Play. Following the update, that figure has climbed to $2.5 million on average, or about $700,000 more spent by players per day.”

Niantic’s Pokemon Go has never stopped being popular, but it’s definitely had its share of peaks and valleys when it comes to player spending. Right now, it’s in the midst of a resurgence the likes of which hasn’t been seen since its summer 2016 launch, and the game’s most fevered spending has come in the wake of June’s big friends and trading update.

We are all looking forward to seeing how everything will affect the game because during the summer months the numbers peaked as more and more players went outside to play the game. It is said that there will be another major update before the end of 2018, bringing the long-awaited PvP mode and a new Pokemon to the game.

One thing is for sure, Pokemon Go change our lives in a positive way!

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