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Pokemon Go Eevee Community Day #2, Still no Leafeon and Glaceon

The second day of Eevee Community Day event went live in Asia, Oceania, Europe and Japan, and nothing have changed from the first CD.

Pokemon Go players are reporting of:

  • Shiny Eeveelutions;
  • Eeveelutions caught in the wild can learn Last Resort (worldwide);
  • Evolving Eevee get Last Resort (worldwide);
  • Nickname trick won’t work with shinies if already used;
  • Shiny Eevee hatched from a 2km egg obtained during CD;
  • Still no Leafeon or Glaceon.

Now, if you have low CP/HP/IV Eeveelution don’t ‘throw’ it away. You can always use the Trade option and trade a friend for their Eeveelution, and get higher CP/HP/IV Eeveelution. Also, your Eevee could become Lucky!

For last, don’t forget to save at least 3 shiny Eevee for Leafon, Glaceon and Sylveon. Since you can’t evolve into them now, save extras for later when you can.



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