Pokemon Go Marks One Year Since Mewtwo was Released in Yokohama

It has been one year since the Legendary Pokemon Mewtwo first appeared in the world as a Raid Boss at the PoGo Stadium event.

Mewtwo, while teased a bit prior, was first seen in Yokohama, Japan during the Pikachu Outbreak event, on August 14, 2017, where more than 2 million players and 100% catch rate, were lucky enough to battle and now own one of the rarest Pokemon, Mewtwo. I was expecting to see a worldwide release right after the Yokohama event, so everyone could battle and catch the ‘Genetic Pokemon,’ but nothing happened.

Today, the Legendary Pokemon Mewtwo is the first Raid Boss in Pokemon Go available to battle and catch only with an Exclusive (EX) Raid invitation.

Each month, Pokemon Go and Niantic are giving these EX Raid, sometimes even three in one month and players who got one are joining forces to beat Mewtwo. Some, are even spoofing, botting and getting Ex Raid Pass just to sell accounts – one account can cost from $30 up to $3,500. Crazy, right?

But now, with the ‘Three Strikes’ policy, spoofers are struggling to pass Niantic’s anti-cheat system, and some are getting permabans. Niantic is serious on this matter, so try to play fair and you’ll be safe!

As I said, it has been a year since the release of Mewtwo, and not everyone has one yet. Yes, that’s right, not everyone got an Ex Raid Pass yet, while some got 3 and more chances for the Legendary Pokemon. But don’t quit, by the end of 2018 everyone should get at least one Mewtwo on their account.

For last and for those who haven’t received an Ex Raid Pass, try to increase the Gym Badge level and to participate in a high number of raids.

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