PUBG Xbox 1.0 to Launch on September 4, Performance Remains The Same

Slightly similar to what happened with the PC version back in the days when the 1.0 launched, however, this time on the Xbox. However, the enormous differences in both performance and activity are quite vast. Being able to run the video game on 30 fps does not make you a capable gamer, or moreover, it just relives the struggles players had throughout the past on the Xbox. Anyhow, PUBG is making a “return” to the Xbox, adding new maps and content in the 1.0.

You guys probably believe that PUBG Corp had to step up and enhance the console version of PUBG. Well, on this year’s Gamescom, the improvements have indeed been mentioned, but they came in the form of preferably a new content than performance update. The 1.0 update will also remove the early-access tag, rushing its full release era without even being tweaked. One day, one day the devs will step up their game.

The roasting has never ended, as the developers have decided to add microtransactions with 1.0, bolstering the negative feedback even further. My condolences to all the Xbox players, but this is something unacceptable.

Anyhow, PUBG 1.0 content will undoubtedly contribute to more exciting gameplay, since they’ll have more options to choose from, as well as the new map, Sanhok. Alongside that, the war mode is also coming to Xbox, which will allow ten teams consisted of five players to compete against each other. The War Mode, similar to the PC version, will be a point gathering game mode, where the first who reaches to 200 wins the game.

Honestly, it is least significant to have new content with the Sanhok map, as the intentions of bringing the tropical feeling on the Xbox will do nothing else but ruing the game even more.

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