PvP and New Pokemon Coming to Pokemon Go Later this Year

Trainers, this is just in! Niantic’s head of Europen marketing, Anne Beuttenmuller, in an interview with the polish gaming website confirmed that Niantic is working on a PvP mode and new Pokemon, and both are expected to make their big debut at the end of this year.

Last month from July 27-29, an Ingress event took place in Poland called Cassandra Prime Anomaly and Niantic’s head of European marketing, Anne Beuttenmuller was present and had a chance to talk to her and ask her about the future plans of Pokemon Go.

When asked about Pokemon Go and upcoming features, she confirmed that PvP and a brand new Pokemon is coming to Pokemon Go.

Here is what Anne said, thanks to

Q: What are the future plans for Pokemon Go?

A: Now we’re working on PvP mode, which will appear soon. In addition, we’re still working on improving the “Friends” feature and we’ve just introduced the new ‘add a note’ to your friend. Players can have a lot of people on their friend’s list, so adding a note will help them remember who he/she is. We are constantly working on improving the game and the next big thing that we want to add to Pokemon Go is PvP mode. We are working on it, and we expect to ‘launch’ it at the end of 2018.

Q: Should we expect a new Pokemon?

A: This day will come and yes, we’re going to add new Pokemon to the game, but I can’t say when and what is coming.

The PvP battles could totally freshen up the fanbase, and it will make its players quite happy. Aside from the wish for new Pokemon (possible new Eeveelution release), most players want to battle their friends and see who’s the best Trainer.

Outside of the Gyms and Raids, there is nothing really competitive about Pokemon Go and the new PvP feature will bring the game to a whole new level!

Epic battle incoming – Murkrow vs Pidgeot! Who do you think will win?

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  1. They have to change everything before implementing PvP…Adding new Pokemon to the game should be easy, but adding PvP will be hard. Updates incoming!!

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