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Ray Tracing Technology is no Good to Competitive Gameplay

If you think about it twice, you know when it comes down to competitiveness, all the thing that matters is the performance and nothing else. Grabbing the highest fps you could get is the primary choice of any single professional gamer. Therefore, the addition of the Ray Tracing Technology and the new RTX 2080 GPU series we witnessed yesterday during Nvidia’s presentation, concluding the verdict leads us nowhere when competitive gaming is in play.

This has been proven due to a recently added video recorded by PCGamesHardware.de, proving that Shadows of the Tomb Raider cannot run at 70-100 fps even on the new RTX 2080 series, which altogether makes it nothing else but a blank option for competitive gamers. Thanks to the Fraps FPS overlay, you could witness the same by yourself.

Therefore, we do not believe that the RTX 2080TI will successfully run any other game, despite its enormous performance scale compared to the 1080TI. Especially not when it comes to competitive gameplay, or any other multiplayer in which players take part quite seriously.

There are no other subjects to conclude a verdict for this same reason. Whether or not the machine was running the most powerful GPU or not, it still¬†looks quite shabby taken into consideration the presentation of Nvidia. Everyone can polish a pre-setup scenario and make it look beautiful, however, thanks to our fellow Germans, we can start believing there’s some plot.

On the other side, the game could still be enjoyable to play at highest details, even though it will eat a bit of the performance and make you suffer. Single-Player games could still allow RTX, while in Multiplayer, we’re roughly seeing this from happening. It appears that we’re still away from that.



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