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The Road Trip Skin is Added, Datamined in Patch 5.30

If you did not know the actual skin available after accomplishing the seventh week of the Road Trip challenge, it has now been discovered. As you know, data miners do an exceptional job of burgling inside the files of each patch. So, in this patch, Epic Games has decided to add the Road Trip achievement related skin, for which data miners discovered its first look.

Thanks to FNBRLeaks, we can now see the Enforcer skin in the game. For a more specific view of the skin, you can see the tweet below:

This season’s Road Trip skin is already becoming quite popular, as his look reminds of an Assassin. Enforcer is here to bring a new law on the Battle Royale island, where all the fights and both pleasant and unpleasant activities occur. For a bigger scale of the image above, you can take a peek below:

Players will have to wait two more days, as this patch came a bit later than what it’s supposed, making the challenges also come two days later from now. That means the 7th-week challenges will probably become available this Saturday.



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