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SCUM Continues With Small But Important Updates –

Gamepires has continued to dominate in their new sensation, the survival video game SCUM, by releasing new updates for an enhanced server performance and more. The developer whom shadows are gone has finally started developing in favor of all the already dedicated players.

As we have mentioned, the game’s graphics, interface, health monitoring and most importantly, smooth animations are already quite satisfying for our eyes, giving the realistic perspective in a survival video game such as SCUM. The only problem that was occurring¬†during these past two days was the server desync, which furthermore may be caused by player’s connection, for which it triggers the players for being unavailable to shoot at their target properly.

Well, after today’s patch we’re hoping that all of that will be gone, even if shortly after launch many of the same issues disappeared. Keep in mind, one of the most important changes is the allowance of players to commit suicide, which in terms may result in a faster gathering with your squadmates. Below you can find the patch notes:

  • Server optimizations.
  • Improved server browser sorting.
  • Fixed server list overflow glitch – Added throbber icon for servers that havent been pinged yet.
  • When server is full or server password is incorrect, client should display meaningful error message now.
  • Disabled spectator mode in shipping builds (F10).
  • Bird ambient sounds improved in realism and placed in space around player.
  • Fixed issue when metal footstep sound was played if player equipe metal scrap.
  • Fixing landscape bugs.
  • Enabled commit suicide from ESC menu.
  • Editing Player start locations, they are not too close to the wall anymore so your head gets insta blown up.
  • Fixed Problem with Crafting: you can now craft Metal spear.
  • Egg can’t be eaten infinite amount of times anymore.
  • Tweaked nutrition gains from crafting / cooking proportionally to ingredient weight.
  • Fixed an issue where Oculus was selected as the primary audio output.
  • and more to come! And again, if you don’t see any update, restart your Steam!

Last but not least, the developers have noted that more updates are on their way, which are scheduled to even further enhance the gameplay experience in SCUM.

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