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Scum, The Most Realistic Survival Video Game is Coming to Steam Early Access

SCUM, the game that no one hates and the game that has managed to inspire lots of fans with its mechanics, will finally come out as Early Access. Gamepires has announced that Scum will become available on Steam on August 29th. Coming to the best digital game distribution platform, Steam, SCUM is most likely to amaze every fan, if everything looks according to the videos published by the developer.

Scum is an online Survival video game which somewhat resembles a military sim. The game consists of unprecedented levels of character customization, control, and progression. One of the most vital survival weapons is nothing else but the skill and knowledge.

During the past period, we have discussed a lot about SCUM, especially the awesome game mechanics that were introduced within each following video. The Metabolism part, Vaulting and Climbing mechanics and many others, seem to develop an excellent idea behind this online survival masterpiece. All of those mechanics make this game look even more realistic, which implies that SCUM has a very advanced system.

“Be careful, as standing in the rain will make your gear heavier, as it will soak all the rain.” These are the things that no one has ever experienced in a video game, and considering them as tiny bits that are part of the real life, puts the game at the most realistic spot ever.

As a celebration of this announcement, Gamepires published a new video trailer which serves to build a better hype. You can watch the trailer below:




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