The Shockwave Grenade in Fortnite is Breaking the Current Meta

There’s nothing else to state about except the fact that the new Shockwave Grenade is about to break the current meta in the game. This will change the game itself since it will allow and encourage players to keep one of them in the inventory to merely blast players at endgame.

The shockwave grenade is capable of destroying walls, which is a reason + to keep it in the inventory. Not to mention that it will encourage players to remain sneaky and try to blast players out of the circle, which thanks to its powerful ability to destroy walls. We all know what this means, and that is the allowance of lowbies to get an advantage over professional builders.

There is not much you can do about it, and with the addition of this item, all future tournaments are about to be doomed. We cannot wait to see how this grenade breaks the current meta, which again, it will destroy any professional perspective of the game.

The idea behind it to not kill people by fall damage is quite amazing. However, the ability to destroy walls is very cheeky and unfair by far. Below you can find the video of the trailer, which at this point it doesn’t even matter because people have already taken the needed advantage of using the item for the same purpose mentioned above.

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