Vampyr is Getting a TV Series produced by Fox21

Dontnod’s action-RPG, Vampyr is queued to receive a TV series. This has been announced via press release, with a plan of adopting the game into a TV series. It will be entirely of importance for the gamers across the world to anticipate this TV Series. In other words, these kinds of twists have been happening and will continue to happen.

We have witnessed multiple other video games being adopted by other developers and converted into a TV series, for which some of them have turned out as entirely successful. Being an excellent premise for a television show, we’ll have the chance to witness the suffering of Jonathan Reid’s on TV.

Pressured to feed himself upon the human remains while battling the evil, dr. Jonathan Reid is being put in the worst possible scenario. The Flue in London is undergoing, and only Jonathan Reid can save his city out of this misery.

At last, if you haven’t had any chance to witness Reid’s sufferings on your PC or favorite console, keep in mind that Vampyr is a game that is currently available to play. It may also ease your understanding of the story when the TV series comes out.

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