Speculations Come Out True, Wall Piercing Sniper Rifle is coming to Fortnite BR

Have you ever tried the Wall Piercing sniper rifle in Save the World? Well, that particular Sniper Rifle is about to make an appearance in Fortnite BR. Its purpose, to hit players through walls, which somewhat imply that Epic Games is pushing players to harder involve their aiming skills. It will change the current meta and will no longer embrace Build Fights in Fortnite BR. It doesn’t need to mean that it will be dangerous to play against, but God, good luck to those encountering an enemy player possessing this kind of weapon as their long-range advantage will be precious.

The Wall Piercing Sniper Rifle, also known as the Heavy Sniper Rifle in Save the World, has a purpose to slow the enemies down or chase them away from their fort. By coming to Fortnite BR, and also due to the recent Materials changes, this will make massive changes as a counterpart to the needed materials, finally putting the metal as the most indispensable in the end-game.

Each game has something hidden in its files, as data miners have proven the same for plenty of times. Besides the Wall Piercing Sniper Rifle, Fortnite BR will bring another Sniper Rifle and a Shotgun too. Data Miners have enlightened us with the potential outcome we needed; it’s just a matter of time when Epic Games are going to develop these changes.

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