Battlefield 5 Open Beta Seems Like a Final Product

Despite the postpone of the official release date, it can be easily proclaimed that the Open Beta somewhat concludes the final product. The game’s graphics and details are widely open to player’s eyes, so as every single and unique particle the game currently has.

We might be missing some game modes currently, yes. However, looking on the bright side may bring us only joy and the postponing of the release date may bring us only beautiful things. Battlefield 5 is still an upcoming first-person video game and we shouldn’t forget that.

The current quality does not represent a completely polished video game product. For now, we can only conclude that the game includes smooth and enhanced gameplay mechanics, same as the previous versions of the game, as it confirms the consistency of the engine.

Even though the product does not serve the most precise historical accuracy, it is quite acceptable to follow EA DICE on their development course and dully respond to their upcoming WW2 title, Battlefield V.

Surprisingly, the new Open Beta has included the profanity filter, that will battle against people who tend to use racial slurs or any other vulgar slangs.

In other news, the Battlefield 1 Premium Pass will be free after the Battlefield 5 Beta ends.

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Amie Gammons

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