We’re close to Fortnite Season 6 as new surprises are about to reveal

No one certainly knows what actually the lore is about to bring, but one thing is sure, and that is Fortnite Season 6 is about to be released. We’re just 6 days away of Season 6, which makes numbers overlap and probably reveal new discoveries. How is everything going to begin no one actually knows, but one thing’s for sure, it has to be connected to the Cube.

Epic Games official Twitter Account has also claimed that Season 6 is almost here, landing on September 27th, which should also reveal Season 6 related teasers. There is still nothing released, but certain websites confirm that teasers are about to be released during this weekend, or if not, during the course of the next week.

Players, including every Fortnite fan, is expecting to see a nice buildup in stories, including a live event that will affect every Fortnite player to attend an in-game event that will happen in a particular time, and as always, the outcome of that is expected to be epic.

All of the recent occurring have had a huge impact on Loot Lake, transforming it into a bouncing platform, and the gravity fields across the map caused by the cube itself by engraving runes into the ground are still there. What exactly is going to happen?

No one has also published any leaks which means Epic Games is holding the surprise quite carefully. But, recent rumors are whirling around that during this weekend there may be a new live event for which it will remain a secret and won’t be published forehand.

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