Deeper Showcase of Death Stranding May Surface at Tokyo Game Show

Kojima Productions will have their own moment at Tokyo Game Show 2018 by revealing that Death Stranding, their upcoming video game will take a place at the same event. Death Stranding will have its own stage at TGS 2018, which will most likely cover more than what we saw at this year’s E3.

The E3 2018 trailer of Death Stranding has surely mixed up our minds leaving us clueless of what the game will actually offer. Having the spice of a survival, but entitled as an action game makes us go deeper. It will be a pleasure to follow the event, or more precisely the day of September 23.

From the looks of the trailers, it surely brings us closer to the thoughts of thinking how lonely we are going to be in the already apocalyptic environment. The world presented in all of the video materials so far seems scientific as usual, which proves the skills of Hideo Kojima being a perfectionist.

The mysterious steps created by the mysterious monsters are nothing else but a big question mark above our heads on what exactly those represent. The babies, iconically presented, seem to have a crucial part in the game. The direction presented in Death Stranding’s trailer sway our beliefs that they’re somewhat a scientific creation in which the human beings believe it’s the only way to continue their sort.

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