Electronic Arts Will Continue With Their FIFA 19 Loot Boxes Story in Belgium

Many developers over the past period actually dealt with the reality of removing loot boxes because of the Belgium Gaming Commission’s decision. So if you remember closely, back in August the Belgium Gaming Commission decided that loot boxes should be treated as gambling. Therefore, three developers of big caliber such as Valve, Blizzard and 2K Games have backed out from selling loot boxes in Belgium, while EA still commits to using their loot box system in FIFA 19.

However, it’s not only the Belgium Gaming Commission who is frustrated because of loot boxes but instead, it’s the consumers who are being annoyed of seeing such a feature in any video game. EA had quite a rough feedback with their Star Wars: Battlefront 2, which is actually one of the reasons why they should stop promoting this nonsense. However, they are still planning to include loot boxes in FIFA 19, and according to their CEO, loot boxes are not considered as gambling at all.

More about this has been discussed on a Belgium newspaper,, who actually proves that EA is close to getting a severe punishment for ignoring the mandate. The decision to not remove loot boxes in FIFA 19 is still a childish decision by EA. EA’s CEO, Andrew Wilson is also holding to the loot boxes feature, for which according to him, it is not a cruel and harmful option to any consumer.

It is sad to hear that the final outcome will be made through a jurisdiction order. In the end, we believe that EA will be the one getting a severe penalty, which in the long run it will hurt both their company and future products.

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