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Method Conquers Antorus

Excitements Rising as Method Begins to Tackle Mythic Uldir For the First Time LIVE!

If you remember, Method has announced that for the first time after a long time they will be streaming their first Mythic Uldir encounter. It will still be a World’s First race, but this time publicly. It is quite amazing to see the no.1 ranked guild changing their approach to Raids in World of Warcraft to showcasing their tactics not only on the main live stream but also individually.

Over the past Method has been holding the very top of the leaderboards in mythic Raid encounters. However, in the past 6 years, simply said, they have been holding the no.1 spot, including in the previous Legion expansion. For the first time after a while, we’ll have the chance to see their comp for each boss in Mythic Uldir, while also witness their success live.

The streamers are using the most popular streaming platform, Twitch, and for a more precise info on where to watch the stream and get involved in the comments, you can click on the following link or watch it below:

Currently, the upper hand have all of the US guilds from which 2 of them have managed to get 4/8 bosses in Mythic Uldir simply because they have a head start. So, buckle up, because it is time to be a long and quite enjoyable day for all the WoW fans and raiders.

UPDATE: It was scheduled to be a live event with casters, however for some reason, the official channel of Method is currently hosting the live stream of their Guild Master. We’re guessing that the event will start a bit later, so, for now, there are a variety of choices to make by picking up your favorite class since all of the Method members are currently streaming on Twitch. First boss is down!



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