Monster Hunter receives a new update including Enhanced Camera and Mouse Controls

Monster Hunter: World has been hitting the Steam Charts quite massively for a long period of time. Capcom has been also deploying fixes and updates during this period, improving the gameplay experience to a much higher level. When it comes to PC, thanks to the new update, Monster Hunter: World has just evolved its controls, including Camera and Mouse options.

This is expected to bring an improvement and overall a better control over the game. We know that hunting some monsters may be quite crucial depending on the camera you choose, therefore, Capcom has just made it easier for players to deal with their encounters.

This update however also brings more changes regarding controls and design, including multiple bug fixes. Luckily, the game is nowhere near the original release, when multiple crash issues were occurring, which also claims that Capcom is being dedicated on Monster Hunter: World quite a lot.

Below you can find the bug fixes related to the same patch, which was released 1 day ago.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the ability to download the Event Quest “Relish the Moment,” originally scheduled for release on Friday, September 21 at 00:00 a.m. UTC.
  • After updating, you can accept this quest by going to Event Quests on the quest board.
  • To make up for this issue, the quest will be made available for an extended period.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the game from being launched under specific circumstances

Overall, Monster Hunter: World has been receiving quite a bit of love and support from its fans, proclaiming it’s the best adventure video game out there. It requires a good set of skills to keep on the good track, and the support by Capcom will just make the journey a lot better than it is now.

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