New Anthem Gameplay Features Trailer Discovers New Landscapes

Anthem, the game that everyone awaits to see it booming has spoken a bit more. At Pax West 2018, BioWare has discovered gameplay features throughout a story-driven gameplay trailer, which in the end, it still makes the story unclear and we need to drill deeper in it.

Despite all of the power that we’ll have thanks to the Javelin, the ability to fly and freely explore the open world, encounter enemies on our own, still doesn’t explain one image in the new gameplay features trailer.

Nothing explains this picture, as we can clearly see a human face on the rocks, which again, makes us believe that we’ll have to bond with our spiritual ancestors. Maybe will be part of the game that will allow us to grab extra power or strengthen the bond between our body and soul including the Javelin, in which after accomplishing some missions, visiting this place may enlighten our capabilities to another level.

Even though the trailer misses discovering a more thorough overview of the narrative itself, it still discovers some new landscapes to think about. Among other things, the flying mechanics still look quite amazing as in each trailer released before, which actually proves that BioWare is heading forward quite seriously.

The reason why we named the title it discovers new landscapes, as it doesn’t completely showcase a DEMO purpose, such as complete interactions with other NPCs. We can agree that the demo below has a bit misleading title, but still, it shows some mechanics for which we already knew. It is far beyond DEMO alike trailer in which Gameplay Features are input in.

Maybe not everything has been polished as it should, therefore, we’ll leave you with the trailer below.

Angel Kicevski

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