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New, Updated List of Shiny Pokemon Available in Pokemon Go

The list of shiny Pokemon available to catch in Pokemon Go is getting bigger and bigger, and I have the feeling that sometimes is a little bit hard to track everything going on, especially when Niantic launches a new event featuring special Pokemon and their shiny forms and at that point everything becomes ‘chaotic.’

There are more than 90 shiny Pokemon currently available in Pokemon Go. For that matter, I’ve decided to make a list of all shiny Pokemon currently available in the game and to keep it updated every time a new shiny form pops up.

Complete List of Shiny Pokemon

  1. Shiny Magikarp
  2. Shiny Gyarados
  3. Shiny Pichu
  4. Shiny Pikachu
  5. Shiny Raichu
  6. Shiny Sableye
  7. Shiny Shuppet
  8. Shiny Banette
  9. Shiny Duskull
  10. Shiny Dusklops
  11. Shiny Mawile
  12. Shiny Absol
  13. Shiny Snorunt
  14. Shiny Glalie
  15. Shiny Aron
  16. Shiny Lairon
  17. Shiny Aggron
  18. Shiny Swablu
  19. Shiny Altaria
  20. Shiny Luvdisc
  21. Shiny Poochyena
  22. Shiny Mightyena
  23. Shiny Dratini
  24. Shiny Dragonair
  25. Shiny Dragonite
  26. Shiny Lugia
  27. Shiny Magby
  28. Shiny Magmar
  29. Shiny Togepi
  30. Shiny Togetic
  31. Shiny Wynaut
  32. Shiny Wobbuffet
  33. Shiny Bulbasaur
  34. Shiny Ivysaur
  35. Shiny Venusaur
  36. Shiny Murkrow
  37. Shiny Mareep
  38. Shiny Flaaffy
  39. Shiny Ampharos
  40. Shiny Wailmer
  41. Shiny Wailord
  42. Shiny Makuhita
  43. Shiny Hariyama
  44. Shiny Meditite
  45. Shiny Medicham
  46. Shiny Ho-Oh
  47. Shiny Charmander
  48. Shiny Charmeleon
  49. Shiny Charizard
  50. Shiny Kabuto
  51. Shiny Kabutops
  52. Shiny Omanyte
  53. Shiny Omastar
  54. Shiny Aerodactyl
  55. Shiny Shellder
  56. Shiny Cloyster
  57. Shiny Kyogre
  58. Shiny Larvitar
  59. Shiny Pupitar
  60. Shiny Tyranitar
  61. Shiny Roselia
  62. Shiny Articuno
  63. Shiny Squirtle
  64. Shiny Wartortle
  65. Shiny Blastoise
  66. Shiny Plusle
  67. Shiny Minun
  68. Shiny Zapdos
  69. Shiny Houndour
  70. Shiny Houndoom
  71. Shiny Snubbull
  72. Shiny Granbull
  73. Shiny Eevee
  74. Shiny Vaporeon
  75. Shiny Espeon
  76. Shiny Flareon
  77. Shiny Umbreon
  78. Shiny Jolteon
  79. Shiny Pineco
  80. Shiny Forretress
  81. Shiny Natu
  82. Shiny Xatu
  83. Shiny Sunkern
  84. Shiny Sunflora
  85. Shiny Growlithe
  86. Shiny Arcanine
  87. Shiny Moltres
  88. Shiny Wingull
  89. Shiny Pelipper
  90. Shiny Geodude
  91. Shiny Graveler
  92. Shiny Golem
  93. Shiny Grimer
  94. Shiny Muk

But, we’re not done here. Next month, in September, there will be a new Community Day event featuring a new special Pokemon and we expect to see new shiny forms. So the number of shiny Pokemon will increase! That’s great, right? Hurry up and try to catch em all before Gen 4 goes live with a new wave of shiny Pokemon!



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