Pokemon Go First Wave of Deoxys EX Raid Invitation Went Live

Trainers, a new wave of EX Raid invitations went live, and this time players across the globe will get a chance to battle and catch the Psychic Type Mythical Pokemon Deoxys.

Pokemon Go players are reporting of a new EX Raid invitations, on three different days:

  • September 27 from 4:01 – 4:46 PM in the US — Seems to be a glitch!

  • October 1 from 1:00 – 1:45 PM in the US —- Now canceled

  • October 2 from 1:00 – 1:45 in the UK

We are not sure if this a mistake, so we’re investigating the case and as soon as we have something you’ll be the first to know.

Just a quick reminder – sharing is carrying! You just have to touch the INVITE option, a new panel will open and there you will be able to type/search a friend to share the invitation (Only works for Ultra Friends). In addition, rejecting the raid invite won’t give the opportunity to the Trainer that invited you to invite someone else.

Did you get your first Deoxys’ EX Raid invitations?

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  1. Got a Ex pass for 27th 30 minutes before start time.. Drop what Im doing, get off work run to the location.. Its a bust, regular raid.. Ok figured it may be a glitch because of the short notice. After the time window closes for the raid the EX pass changed to Oct 1st pass..
    Great, awesome, I can do this…
    10 minutes later notification that OCT 1st raid is canceled…
    Failure upon Failure Niantic! I take time off work and run to a location for nothing.. They need to put the bong down and pay attention to what they are doing.. They had to have been planning this campaign for weeks.. How do you make so many epic failures.

  2. So, I got this pass and noticed the time…. Did they not think this through? at 1 pm on a Monday? guess i’ll be missing out on this experience because you know most ppl (i could be wrong) are at work during this time and even children are still in school during this time

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