Pokemon Go Silver Pinap Berry and Defenders Motivation

The Silver Pinap Berry was first introduced with the Celebi Quests and this item can be unlocked when a player completes ‘A Ripple in Time’ stage 6 of 8.

The Silver Pinap Berry can be used to feed a Pokemon to receive more Candy when you catch it and make it easier to catch – 2x Candy, 1.8 Catch chance. But what about the effect of the Silver Pinap Berry for defenders motivation?

Prior to a new analysis (see below), many Pokemon players, including myself, were thinking that Silver Pinap Berry feeds normal amount of HP to a Gym Defender, but this is now proven wrong.

A Pokemon Go player who goes by the alias kk5566 on TSR has made a new analysis proving that the Silver Pinap Berry recharges 24% motivation of the defender for the first feeding. He also made a short video, so we encourage you to see his full analysis and the video below.

The Silver Pinap Berry recharges 760/3166 = 24% motivation of the defender for the first feeding.

They recharge motivation of the defenders exactly twice of Razz Berries/Pinap Berries. That is 24% for the first feeding, 9.6% for the second feeding…etc, and decay to 1/4 effect for remote feeding (if you stand away from the gym for more than 120m) just like other berries except for Golden Razz Berries.

So basically they are better than normal berries but weaker than Golden Razz Berries for motivation recharging as expected, which also matches the number of berry_multiplier=2 in GM files.

Its effect is twice of normal berries.

A big thanks to kk5566 for making this clear for everyone, so make sure to see his original post on TSR and give him an upvote!

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