Pokestop Submissions Could be Coming Soon For the LATAM Region

If you are not familiar with the #PokeStopsForAll hashtag, it is used as a form of protest on all social media against lack of Pokestops in a given Region. That particular hashtag was tweeted out by Omar H. Tellez, Niantic’s business developer for the LATAM Region, which actually hints that PokeStops submission could be coming for the LATAM Region.

The LATAM Region is lacking a fair amount of PokeStops, and the loss of them is considered on the actual progress as a Pokemon GO Trainer. The official Tweet by Omar H. Tellez has also included #WeHearYou and #VamosNianticLATAM. Below you can find the tweet.

The tweet has received many positive replies in which Pokemon GO Trainers actually believe that this change will help them achieve their goals a lot easier. This feature may be coming to the LATAM region very soon, as recent APK discoveries are indicating that the feature is in the works. However, it is still unknown when the actual release is going to occur.

If you are a video game developer and you have a submission to make, you can mail us at

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