Treyarch and Activision Reveal the Map Intended for Black Ops 4’s Blackout Mode

The largest map in Call of Duty history, as entitled by the developer, has been finally revealed on Black Ops 4 official Twitter Profile. Within a tweet, the developers have announced the map set for Blackout. Blackout is the upcoming Battle Royale mode in Black Ops 4. As it was announced, the recent post by Treyarch and Activision proves that it is the biggest Call of Duty map ever.

The map created for Blackout reminds of a city, a city that has everything to survive on its own. It is clearly visible that the map is a huge Landmass. Surrounded by the sea and divided by the river, it will push players to define the struggles on their own. Even though the loot tables are currently unknown, the number of named areas spotted on the map should be more than enough for player divergence, which should create a fairer gameplay experience by allowing everyone to drop in their favorite loot zone.

The addition of the water on the map clearly points that there has to be transport vehicles available at any point, allowing the players to traverse throughout long destinations a lot easier. However, more about that we’ll see during the open beta when the first appearance of the Blackout (Battle Royale) Mode will hit.

Scheduled on September 10 for all of the Playstation 4 players, it will give them a head start before the Xbox One and PC pre-orders. Xbox One and PC players will have their chance to experience the new Blackout mode a bit later. PC Players will have to wait until September 15, while Xbox One users will have the possibility to play the Beta on 14 of September.

With that being said, we’re more than curious to see what this Battle Royale mode will truly offer. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 will launch on October 12 on all three platforms, despite the Open Beta begin time separation.


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