Alchemy Reagents Requirement will be decreased in BFA 8.1

If you’re a World of Warcraft player, it will be better for you to keep a tight grasp to your current number of Alchemy reagents better than just spend them before the requirement reduce. Recent data mines on the PTR 8.1 have pinned down the reduce of reagents required for creating particular potions.

First seen on the official Warcraft Devs twitter profile, whom latest tweet still holds the same bit of information regarding flasks. The biggest pain among them all was the anchor weed, whom rarity is quite high. The rarity of that herb and the expensive price is pushing players to form a raid group just to farm the herbs, by simply covering one dedicated zone.

In the tweet below, the WarcraftDevs point out to Wowhead, the very-well-known guru for World of Warcraft. Apparently, Battle For Azeroth Patch 8.1, which is also classified as Tides of Vengeance is not estimated to only bring class changes such as buffs and nerfs, but will also introduce profession changes. For now, it is known that Engineering and Alchemy will get its tweaks, and most likely introduce players to a new sort of crafting.

More about this will be discovered as new pieces of info surface at the top.

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