Battlefield V to Feature Realistic Bullet Penetration

Well, in this period of the time everyone has forgotten about Battlefield 5. Not many things are there to be spoken about. There are multiple reasons for that, and one of them is that many popular video games will have their momentum before the official Battlefield 5 release date. We know that Black Ops 4, which is a modern shooter, but still a triple-A title, is coming out just a month before Battlefield 5. So it is more reasonable to see a lot of hype building for that game instead.

However, what we know so far about Battlefield 5 will most likely impress you. No matter what kind of visualization you currently have about the coming World War 2 themed Battlefield 5, there will be more core mechanics included than ever before. One of them, the enhanced bullet travel and ballistics.

Multiple examples have been discovered coming from the official speakers. Therefore, the discovery also serves as an indicator that all of the Battlefield franchise has been missing a proper bullet penetration, which in general, a shooter game cannot breathe without.

Therefore, DICE firmly recognizes the need for a more realistic gameplay. As announced, the game will include a proper bullet penetration according to the weapon caliber. During the beta, we’ve been introduced to AR’s SMG’s, LMG’s Snipers and a Shotgun, including some other assets. But, we are more than sure that was far away from an official release.

As such, Each Type of weapon with a different caliber will have a different armor pen. According to the official statement, only Sniper Rifles and LMG’s will be capable of shooting through wooden walls (buildings, etc.), while other lower caliber weapons will be limited to a kill on sight.

Having an enhanced weapon Ballistics will also contribute toa better Battle Royale mode, which will allow Battlefield 5 to compete against the very best Battle Royale video games out there. After having multiple famous BR games such as PUBG, Fortnite, and now Black Ops 4’s Blackout on the edge, it will be quite amazing to see what Battlefield 5 is going to bring. It may also be the reason for postponing the first announced date.

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