Fallout 76 with yet another 6 min footage of Combat, PVP and other things

Fallout 76, the game that everyone’s excited about has received another gameplay footage that lasts for 1 hour. The new extravaganza and the form of advertisement that we’re used to when it comes to Bethesda is a never-ending glimpse. A sneak peak of combat has been released in the past, but this trailer offers something different.

According to many, the content in the new video footage looks quite promising, and we’re most likely to receive an exclusive game when it releases on November 14th. Set in West Virginia, players can find many tools and assets to prepare and defend against the cruelest enemies, no matter if human players or not. Scavenging throughout the world will not only reward players with goodies but also experience never seen in previous Fallout series.

If you remember, many other features have been discovered in our previous articles, confirmed by the game director himself, Todd Howard.

Below you can find the newest gameplay trailer, which includes PVP, combat, action, and more.

What everyone’s most surprised about is the chance to build your fort and defend it, and how everything built by you and your crew vanishes whenever you leave a server. Considering the fact that the game is entitled as a multiplayer video game, it is known that the struggle to survive will be respected.

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