Fortnitemares still Having Issues, Players Cannot Join

Even if the Halloween update has arrived, players were unable to experience it straight away and get their designated rewards. Especially in the newest game mode, Fortnitemares. Epic Games is working on a fix and should re-enable Fortnitemares as soon as possible.

The tradition of each consecutive patch continues, and sadly, this time Fortnitemares was the affected and removed issue. After being announced and disabled for 2 hours, Epic Games has decided to reactivate the game mode. However, players are still having difficulties in joining matches, which gives them a reason to complain.

Those who cannot join will probably need to wait a bit longer, or maybe restart the game in order to refresh the server-client heartbeat and get the chance to hop into the newest Fortnite addition. However, complaints of being unable to join Fortnitemares are still coming, which clearly states there’s an issue with the current fix.

Overall, everyone’s excited about this year’s Halloween celebration in Fortnite, as the map environment surely fits the Halloween theme.

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