How to Obtain Any Weapon in Red Dead Redemption 2 for Free

Red Dead Redemption is still our FOTM (Flavor of the Month) among many other video games out there. Therefore, having guides for this game on the go, and working towards finding new ones is always much appreciated by the whole community. Now, there has been something interesting to discover. Namely, everyone has been asking how to make guns, or at least earn them the legit way. Well, you’re on the right spot.

When visiting new cities, make sure you pay attention to the minimap on your bottom left. The actual minimap can give you a hint that interaction character is available, something similar to a side mission in which you need to take place and do it. As such, each city has a different thing to offer, and some of them offer nothing else but weapons.

In each city, the interaction point is marked with a white dot, and the AI may even call your name to get your attention. If you notice the dot mark on the minimap somewhere near a gunshop, it simply means there are some goodies that may become yours for free.

The white dot is simply said an event that triggers something to a response of yours. In more details, if you somehow manage to satisfy the requirements of the AI, you will be rewarded. That’s what happens with all the white-marked AI on the minimap.

Therefore, passing by all the gunshops or clearing cities thoroughly may surprise you. This may also be very useful for new players, as it may give them a head start in various circumstances.

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