Overwatch PTR Somewhat Resembles new Champion arrival

The lore within Overwatch never ends, and therefore right before Blizzcon, we may be on the verge of discovering a new Overwatch Champion. After Hammond, the Wrecking Ball (pic above), it is quite common to receive new Overwatch heroes, and recent PTR notes somewhat imply on the 29th champion.

Even if currently the whole Overwatch lineup seems like quite balanced regarding picks and counters, a new addition won’t feel overwhelming at all and will embrace the professional gameplay even more.

The PTR has included a Payload change recently, slightly tweaking its look, which may be the most important change in determining the possible new Champion. Over the past couple of champions discovery, the same happened. Namely, numerous of changes could’ve been seen on the PTR first, before each champion arrived. Even if this sounds unfamiliar to you, it is still considered as a core hint given by Blizzard before any big change.

Therefore, we’re more than ready for any sort of announcement revealing new Overwatch Champion.

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