Pokemon Go Best Player Suspended for Providing ‘Mewtwo Service’ Update

Update 10/01/2018: Niantic just updated their ToS (after Brandon’s scandal I guess) and with the new rules Niantic is really stepping up their game against cheaters.

3.1 Cheating

Niantic prohibits cheating, and we constantly take steps to improve our anti-cheat measures. Cheating includes any action that attempts to or actually alters or interferes with the normal behavior or rules of a Service. Cheating includes, but is not limited to, any of the following behavior, on your own behalf or on behalf of others:

  • Accessing Services in an unauthorized manner (including using modified or unofficial third party software);
  • Playing with multiple accounts for the same Service;
  • Sharing accounts;
  • Using any techniques to alter or falsify a device’s location (for example through GPS spoofing); and/or
  • Selling or trading accounts.

Apps may not work on devices that Niantic detects or reasonably suspects to be cheating, and Niantic will not provide support to players who attempt to cheat. You agree that Niantic may employ any lawful mechanisms to detect and respond to cheating, fraud, and other behavior prohibited under these Terms, including checking your device for the existence of exploits or hacking and/or unauthorized software. Please see the Guidelines and our Privacy Policy for more information.

You can find the updated ToS here.

Previous Story: The best Pokemon Go player in the world, Brandon Tan, has been breaking PoGo’s rules and regulations for quite some time now and yesterday (September 29) Niantic suspended his account for 30 days.

One of the recent news that has caught the attention of the community is the banning of a player listed as “the best Pokemon Go in the world”, according to the gamers themselves.

The user Brandon Tan who lives to play Pokemon Go, is the one who has been sanctioned by Niantic. According to the developer, Brando Tan was violating the rules of the game for quite some time and therefore, his account has been suspended.

Brandon Tan also reported that he has been trying to do an average of 69 Mewtwo Raids per day and set a record of 2,000+ Raids and 6*100% Mewtwo in a month.

For those who have never heard of him, here is his story:

Brandon Tan is a Pokemon trainer from Singapore. Before Pokemon Go, he was one of the best Clash of Clans player in the world (He got an offer to sell his account for 10.000$).

When Pokemon Go got released he started a new journey, a journey of a Pokemon Trainer dedicated to using his skills as an XP leveling machine.

He was first introduced in 2016 when a video of him popped up through social media playing on 4-5, sometimes 6 iPads at the same time, 12h a day, charging for his services: S$25/hr ($20 US) and S$200 ($150 US) for 9hrs (Free 1 Hour).

He even got interviewed by TheNewPaper, CNN and German Press as a phenomenon behind this popular game.

But why is he banned?

Well, Brandon broke ‘some’ rules. He has been selling Pokemon for as much as $400, providing Mewtwo service (he got banned several days after asking followers to retweet the service – see image below) and reportedly owns over 5 accounts.

Brandon is a hardcore Trainer and many players admire him. He broke the rules and the 30 days block is a fair price he must pay. Oh, and for last, who would pay up to S$500 (around $400) for a Mewtwo?

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