Next Pokemon Go Community Day Event Tips

The Community Day event in Pokemon Go is something that we’re all going to be part of this year, and I hope that Niantic will continue with this event next year, as many players are enjoying it, especially the shiny part.

As we all know, during the 3-hour event, players around the world have a chance to earn more XP, Stardust, bonuses and catch a unique Pokemon that can learn an exclusive move. Also, Niantic ‘unleashes’ the shiny forms of that specific Pokemon and its evolutions once per month, which makes the event more fun.

Until today, Pokemon Go players participated in 9 Community Day events, one for each month:

  1. January – Pikachu
  2. February – Dratini
  3. March – Bulbasaur
  4. April – Mareep
  5. May 19 – Charmander
  6. June 16 – Larvitar
  7. July 8 – Squirtle
  8. August 11-12 – Eevee
  9. September 22 – Chikorita
  10. October 21 – Beldum
  11. November 10 – TBA

Here are some useful tips that will help you to get ready in advance for the next Community Day event.

  • Your Bag space and Pokemon storage are very important, so make sure you have plenty of space at all times;
  • If you see or read that others caught more shinies or the Special Pokemon in general, don’t get discouraged. You might end up with higher CP/HP/IV Pokemon at the end!
  • Make sure you visit a place where the spawn rate of the Special Pokemon is increased. You can always check the PokeMap to see where a specific Pokemon spawns the most;
  • The event is live for 3-hours, so if you have to ‘leave your hunting place’ for any reason, don’t stop looking for the special Pokemon until the event is over. A 100% Pokemon might spawn in your front yard!
  • An in-game bug could cost you a Shiny Pokemon – Unfortunately, there is nothing to do about it.

Good luck and let’s catch ’em all!

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