Pokemon Go Gen 4 Evolutions, Candies and Their Place in the Meta

Generation 4 is right around the corner and the new Pokemon originally discovered in the Sinnoh region will have a huge impact on the metagame, bringing a lot of new powerful Pokemon. Many Pokemon Go players want to know how useful will the newly Gen 4 evolutions be in the meta, so I’ve decided to dig a little bit deeper and share the ‘gold’ with you.

There are 22 Gen 1, Gen 2 and Gen 3 Pokemon that have an evolution in Gen 4, and below you can find the list, including how many candies you’ll need for each evolution.

Gen 1 to Gen 4 Evolutions and Candy

  • Magneton > Magnezone (100 candies)
  • Lickitung > Lickilicky (50 candies)
  • Rhydon > Rhyperior (100 candies)
  • Tangela > Tangrowth (50 candies)
  • Electabuzz > Electivire (50/100 candies)
  • Magmar > Magmortar (50/100 candies)
  • Eevee > Leafeon (25 candies)
  • Eevee > Glaceon (25 candies)

Gen 2 to Gen 4 Evolutions and Candy

  • Porygon2 > Porygon-Z (100 candies)
  • Togetic > Togekiss (50/100 candies)
  • Aipom > Ambipom (50 candies)
  • Yanma > Yanmega (50 candies)
  • Murkrow > Honchkrow (50 candies)
  • Misdreavus > Mismagius (50 candies)
  • Gligar > Gliscor (50 candies)
  • Sneasel > Weavile (50 candies)
  • Piloswine > Mamoswine (100 candies)

Gen 3 to Gen 4 Evolutions and Candy

  • Kirlia > Gallade (100 candies)
  • Nosepass > Probopass (50 candies)
  • Roselia > Roserade (50/100 candies)
  • Dusclops > Dusknoir (100 candies)
  • Snorunt > Froslass (50 candies)

Lesson #1 learned, and now let’s see how useful these Gen 4 Pokemon be in the meta.

  • Magnezone – This is a good non-legendary Electric Type attacker with lots of resistance.
  • Lickilicky – Not much to offer, the same as its previous evolution.
  • Rhyperior – Superior Rhydon with about 10% buff on all stats, and hopefully better moves.
  • Tangrowth – Good bulky Grass Type Pokemon with access to best Grass Type moves, might surpass Exeggutor. Sceptile and Venusaur are a better option.
  • Electivire – Update over Jolteon, probably best non-legendary of its Generation.
  • Magmortar – Update over Flareon, probably best non-legendary of its Generation.
  • Leafeon – Overall a good Pokemon.
  • Glaceon – Can’t really compete with Mamoswine, but overall good.
  • Porygon Z – Quite high attack but Normal Type, either stab or super effective.
  • Ambipom – Dex.
  • Yanmega – High stats bug type, depending on moves could be pretty good.
  • Honchkrow – Much like Houndoom, Tyranitar filler glass cannon but with no weakness to fighting.
  • Mismagius – Nothing game-changing.
  • Gliscor – Nothing special.
  • Weavile – Much like Glaceon, behind Mamoswine, but better than current Ice Type Pokemon. Or Dark type glass cannon (which is pretty much every dark type aside from Tyranitar).
  • Mamoswine – Best non-legendary Ice Type Pokemon of its generation, surpassing Articuno.
  • Togekiss – Flying fairy tank, might even get fairy type fast attack if implemented.
  • Gallade – Will be pretty fine gym attacker, resisting taking neutral psychic type damage IF gets good fighting moves. Possibly around Blaziken level.
  • Probopass – Dex.
  • Roserade – Glass cannon depending on moves.
  • Dusknoir – Nothing special.
  • Froslass – Female only shiny.

Sinnoh Pokemon are confirmed and will be joining the party very soon. We expect to see the new Gen 4 wave during the Halloween event 2018.

Until an official announcement, stay with us and get the latest Pokemon Go news.

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