Pokemon Go October Psychic Event Field Research Quests and Rewards

October is full of astonishments and this time Niantic together with the team at Pokemon Go prepared one more surprise for the players around the world, a new Psychic Type Pokemon via Field research.

The Psychic event has begun, bringing new quests, new rewards, Pokemon encounters and new shiny Pokemon. Oh, and Alolan Geodude is now spawning in the wild again.

Field Research tasks can be obtained be spinning PokeStops. The PokeStop will give objectives to the player that include discovering an catching Pokemon, or engaging with battles, among other things. They offer rewards, such as items and encounters.

A player can complete as many as tasks they want every day, but can earn only one Stamp by completing at least one Field Research task. When a player collects seven Stamps, Research Breakthrough will open, featuring specific Pokemon – even a Legendary.

Just a quick reminder – If a player completes a quest at a Pokestop before the reset, the player can’t get another quest from it until after midnight local time even if an event triggers a quest re-roll.

List of Psychic event Field Research Tasks and Rewards


  • 5 Drowzee or Abra – Jynx
  • 10 Psychic Type Pokemon – 1000 Stardust


  • 3 Slowpoke or Exeggcute – Girafarig

The list is being updated.

For last, Shiny Ditto and Pikachu/Raichu with new hats are now added (new Hat Pikachu now spawning in the wild) to Game Master file. Here is how they look.

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