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Pokemon GO Upcoming Buffs and Nerfs

Changes in Pokemon GO are most likely to come very soon. All of the competitive players are already introduced to the possible and coming changes which are most likely going to break some of the Pokemon. Niantic has already indicated some of the possible changes, which in turn did not make most of the trainers happy.

If you’re a competitive Pokemon GO player, you’re probably informed about the coming defense and stamina changes, as well as some HP tweaks. The first inclusion was preserved on Niantic’s official blog, which clearly implies there will be changes regarding Pokemon Effectiveness in Battle.

The reason for this change is to balance and improve the game, as stated, which will also tighten the gap between high and low HP Pokemon. Alongside that, rebalancing Stamina and Defense should allow some Pokemon to outlast others in Battle. All in all, it is considered to be a huge balance related update.

We know that some of our favorite Pokemon may suffer, but also some of the “underdogs” may arise due to the coming buffs and nerfs. There have been some speculations on which Pokemon are getting buffs and nerfs. The batch of possible Buffs and Nerfs has been unofficially released. There may be further tweaks that are going to cause this list to change. The list of speculated buffs and nerfs can be found below:


  • Pinsir 2770 2999
  • Espeon 3000  3249
  • Jynx 2512 2720
  • Deoxys Normal Forme 2749  3191
  • Alakazam 2887   3266
  • Latios 3644 3747
  • Latias 3377 → 3472
  • Metagross 3644 3747
  • Groudon 4074 4156
  • Kyogre 4074 4156
  • Regirock 3087 3174
  • Regice 3087 3174
  • Registeel 2261 2324
  • Mewtwo 3982 → 4011
  • Rayquaza 3645 → 3680
  • Ho-Oh 3889 → 3917


  • Mew 3090  3018
  • Celebi 3090  3018
  • Tyranitar 3670  3583
  • Entei 3377  3200
  • Lugia 3598  3469
  • Blissey 3219  2665
  • Slaking 4547  4280
  • Snorlax 3355  2984
  • Salamence 3532  3489
  • Dragonite 3581  3472



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