Red Dead Redemption 2 Cheat Codes to Give Yourself a Slight Advantage

As in many other video games developed by Rockstar Games, cheat codes are still a vial thing for the developing company and has decided to include them in Red Dead Redemption 2 too. As you already know, cheat codes are not counted as a third-party software, instead, they’re simply a given in-game input that could be activated any time when the consumer needs or wants to.

Therefore, we’re here to discover numerous cheat codes available in Red Dead Redemption 2, for which we’re sure none would like to experience before the game’s done. The cheats can be activated in the following way on both consoles:

  • Go to the Pause Menu by pressing the Menu button.
  • Press “Y” or “Triangle” depending on the current console and controller
  • Enter Cheats

After this, is pretty much clear what you need to enter. You can find all the discovered cheats below. We’re still not certain if that is the whole list of cheats, but we’re most likely going to update this article if there’s anything else to add.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Cheat Codes

Cheat Description Name Code Req
Grants Infinite ammo supply Infinite Ammo Abundance is the dullest desire Newspaper Required: New Hanover Gazette no.27, purchased in Valentine during Chapter 1
Adds Pump-Action Shotgun, Bolt Action Rifle, Mauser Pistol, Semi-Automatic Pistol weapons to inventory Heavy Weapons Greed is American Virtue Newspaper Required: Get Newspaper after completing the chapter 03 mission advertising, the new American Art
Reveals the entire map Fog of War You Long for Sight but See Nothing Newspaper Required: Purchase newspaper after completing the Chapter 03 mission Blood Feuds, Ancient and Modern
Allows to set level of Deadeye skill to Rank 3 Set Dead Eye Level 3 I Shall Be Better
Allows to set level of Deadeye skill to Rank 5 Set Dead Eye Level 5 I see and I find
Refills all bars for health, stamina and dead eye Set Health, Stamina, and Dead Eye Bars to Full You flourish before you die
Refill and Fortify all bars Fortify Health, Stamina and Dead Eye Bars You seek More Than The World Offers Newspaper Required: ???
Call horse from any distance Increase Horse Whistle Range Better than my dog
Make yourself drunk Drunk A fool on command
Spawn a Race Horse Create Race Horse Run! Run! Run!
Spawn a War Horse Create War Horse You are a best built for war Newspaper Required: ???
Spawn a wagon with one horse Create Wagon Keep your dreams simple
Spawn a circus wagon Create Circus Wagon Would you be happier as a clown?
Raises Honor rating High Honor Virtue Unearned is not virtue Newspaper Required: ???
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