How to Solo Gengar Raid Boss Using Only 1 Gengar

One of the Raid Bosses making its way back in Raid Battles on November 3 for the 3-hour event is Gengar. He is with 19768 CP and Max Capture CP 1496. Gengar is a dual type Pokemon, Ghost and Poison. Keep this in mind if you want to defeat him solo or in a party.

My No.1 choice when it comes down to Gengar is Tyranitar. I’m saying this because of 2 very important things. First, he is a Dark Type Pokemon and second, because of his Bite/Crunch. At the same time, Tyranitar doesn’t take a lot of damage from Ghost/Poison moves.

At first, it looks like soloing a Focus Blast Gengar with just 1 Gengar is not possible, but RyanSwag, a well known Pokemon Go player, has proven that is possible. He also shared a video of the Raid and gave us extra details:

The Ghost on Ghost violence is only achievable with the Shadow Claw + Shadow Ball Gengar. In a theoretical way, it can be done with a Hex Gengar or a Shadow Claw Banette. But in this way, you have to use clock sync or something else that can give you extra time. Starting a raid with the lead Hex Gengar or SC Banette which can be followed by the one you plan on healing, can save you heaps of time. 

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